How to Make Nougat.

What is Nougat

Nougat is a type of confection made of sugar, honey, egg whites, nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, and sometimes candied or dried fruits. This chewy candy can be eaten alone, or it can be used as a filling inside candy bars and chocolates. This delicacy is a very popular type of candy in many European countries, especially during Christmas holidays.
To make nougat at home, you will need to get a candy thermometer, and-of course-learn how to cook sugar syrup!

So-called “White nougat” is the nougat I am talking about in this post. I don’t call it white nougat – just nougat. Italians call it Torrone, the Spanish call it turrón, the French call it nougat de Montelimar. This type of nougat is the real thing!

Almond Nougat Recipe


Egg whites 55.g (2oz)
Honey 250g (8.8oz)
Sugar 400g (14oz)
Glucose 100g (3.5oz)
Vanilla powder to taste
Cocoa butter 50g (1.8oz)
Almonds 200g (7oz)
Dried cranberries 100g (3.5oz)
Dried apricots 100g (3.5oz)

How to Make Nougat

Prepare a baking pan 20×20 cm (8×8 inches) in size. Line it with parchment paper and put a sheet of edible wafer paper on the bottom, so it covers the bottom of the pan. If your wafer paper is smaller, you can add another piece of it so it covers the bottom of the pan. Prepare another sheet of wafer paper for the top of your nougat too, and set it aside.
Have all the ingredients ready. This is very important because once you start cooking and whisking, you will have to act quickly and at the right moment. The sugar thermometer is a must.

Put the egg whites into a bowl of a stand mixer fitted with whisk attachment.
Put honey in a small pan, and put sugar with some water into another pan.
Prepare all the nuts. Toast them, and chop them or leave them whole if you like. Put them into a bowl along with dried fruits if you are using them, and leave in the oven at the temperature of 120°C (250°F) until needed.
Start cooking honey, and when it reaches 110°C (230°F) start whisking the egg whites on high speed.

When honey reaches 120°C (250°F), the egg whites should be whipped to soft peaks. Immediately pour the honey into the egg whites, and start cooking your sugar syrup. Continue whisking the egg whites as you cook the syrup.
When the syrup boils, add the glucose and continue cooking until it reaches 155°C (311°F). At that point carefully pour the syrup into the mixture of egg whites and honey.
Continue whisking for another couple of minutes.

Add vanilla and melted cocoa butter and continue whisking for another minute.
Stop the mixer and mix the hot nougat with prepared nuts using wooden spoon. The mixture will be very sticky.
Transfer the nougat into prepared pan, cover with prepared wafer paper and smooth out with your hand.
Leave the nougat to cool completely at room temperature.
Once cold, you can cut your nougat into bars or squares, as desired.

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