How To Make DIY Deco Mesh Turkey Wreath.

Hey you all have you ever wondered how they make wreaths with those plush attachments? Well we have a great step by step tutorial here on how to use the Turkey attachment for a fun turkey wreath for your front door! With fall soon approaching, it’s time to break out the seasonal home decor and get festive! Start putting away those summer blues and bring out those orange and yellow hues. In a recent Facebook post, we shared one of our newest fall wreaths Silvia made with our DIY Turkey Kit. Since we had such a great response, it got us thinking… What better way to celebrate the fall festivities than with a turkey wreath!

How to Make a Turkey Wreath

Supplies Needed to Make a Thanksgiving Wreath
15” Wire Wreath Work Form: Chocolate
21″ Poly Deco Mesh: Premium Copper/Brown/Gold Stripe RE1049X2
10” Poly Burlap Mesh: Beige/Red RP8122F6
10” Mesh: Gold
Yellow Fabric Mesh
Orange Fabric Mesh
4” Blue Ribbon RA2006H5
1 ½” Blue Ribbon RG1278NT
1 ½” Black and White Plaid Ribbon
2” Orange,Black, and White Plaid Ribbon
2 ½” Orange and Black Ribbon
1 ½” Orange and Black Ribbon
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
EZ Bow Maker
Zip Ties
Pipe cleaners
Turkey from Deco Exchange Turkey Kit

Instructions to Make Your Own Mesh Wreath

With the wire wreath holding 18 ties in total, use three curls per twist tie. Cut twelve 10” strips of the Poly Burlap Mesh, Orange Mesh and Yellow Mesh. Cut an extra three curls of Yellow Mesh. Cut fifteen 10” strips of the 21” Poly Deco Mesh.

Take a strip of 21” Poly Deco Mesh and fold each of them in half. Starting at the finished edges, roll the mesh inwardly until it’s rolled up into a curl. Repeat this step two more times until you have three curls.

Take the three curls and add them to one of the twist ties on the top ring of the wreath, making sure they are tied in the middle of the curls.

Next, take three of the yellow 10” strips and curl each of them. Add the three curls to a twist tie next to the curls just placed in Step

Repeat Steps 2 and 4 creating sets of 3 curls of the same color. Add the sets of curls to each twist tie until they are all full. If you have some bare spots, cut some extra strips and add them to those spots.

Using the EZ Bow Maker, lay a zip tie vertically and take 2 pipe cleaners that have been tied together and lay it horizontally.

Take the 4” Blue Ribbon and make 8” loops, leaving a 10” tail. Next, take the 2” Orange, Black, and White Plaid Ribbon and make two 7” loops with a 10” tail, leaving them stacked on top of the blue loops. Use the 2 ½” Orange and Black Ribbon and make three 6 ½” loops. Use the 1 ½” Orange and Black, Black and White, and Blue Ribbon to make three 6” loops.

Start closing the zip tie in increments as you work to fluff out the ribbon, starting from the bottom and working your way to the top. Once the zip tie is snug against the ribbon, cut off the excess of the zip tie. Cut a small piece of color ribbon and fold it thin to tie around the middle to keep the zip tie out of sight.

If you have the turkey from the Deco Exchange Turkey Kit, place the head of the turkey where you would like it to go at the top and tie the wires on the back to the wreath behind the curls. Repeat this step at the bottom with the turkey legs.

Next, place the bow in the middle and attach the two pipe cleaners to the frame.

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