Fabulous Fall String Art Wreath.

Now that I feel like I can officially start decorating for fall. Today’s project is a quick and easy string art wreath that would be perfect for anyone who wants to try string art for the first time. It’s also a small way to add a little fall decor to your home before it really starts to get cool outside.

String art DIY is one of the most economical ways to create some fun art for your home. There are countless string art ideas for any holiday and any season of the year. String art patterns templates are available on just with a simple Internet search. You can even buy complete string art kits for kids and string art kits for adults. This is a very cathartic and relaxing way to create your next art piece or to keep busy or even to create a gorgeous gift for someone in your life. There are even several cool Halloween string art ideas included below. We hope that you love these DIY Fabulous Fall String Art Ideas.

So I think I might have a thing for string art – I just can’t get enough!! And apparently neither can you I have several string art projects, but when someone suggested making Fall string art for my craft club, I was totally on board – I of course needed some fall versions!

I love this project for so many reasons. I love the string wreath and I especially love the sunflowers. So, are you ready to make this fabulous fall string art project?

Supplies needed to make your own string art wreath

Unfinished Wood Painting Panel
Wood Stain or Paint
Small Nails
Circle Template
Hemp Cord
Sunflowers (or your favourite fall flowers)


First, stain or paint the wooden panel. I chose to stain my wood but I think it would look great painted a bright turquoise with the red and yellow sunflowers.

Place your wreath template on wood panel. I used my Cricut to cut a 3/4 inch circle that’s 7 inches wide but you can easily cut a circle using something round as a template. Add nails about every inch around the inside and outside of the circle template.

Now for the fun part. It’s time to start wrapping the string around the nails. There really is no right or wrong way to do this. Just start zigzagging and have fun. After every nail has been wrapped at least once, I go around the entire shape.

The last step is to add your flowers and greenery. Again, there is no right or wrong way to do this. I will say that I did not glue anything. I just tucked everything between the nails. I also removed the flowers from their stems and placed them onto nails.

And, that’s it. Now you have a fabulous string art to add to your fall decor.

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