Easy Light Up DIY Haunted House.

I guess if I have to give up my hot summer sun, I deserve a good holiday to look forward to! I love Halloween! It is so fun to decorate for. I was a little too happy about the way this DIY haunted house project turned out.

Mostly because it was so easy- but also because my teenage daughter liked it. My teenage daughter likes NOTHING. And especially the crafts that I do. So there you have it- the seal of approval from a picky 16 year old!

Supplies needed to make your own DIY haunted house

8.5 inch Paper Mache House
Silicone Halloween Lights (20 bulb size)
Halloween Craft Dies (bat shape)
LED Battery Powered Votive Candle
Black Craft Wire (26 gauge)
Mini Black Cat
Mini Jack-O-Lantern
Black Chalkboard Paint
Yellow Vellum
Hot Glue/Glue Gun


The first thing I did was paint the paper mache house using a flat black paint. Chalkboard paint is a fabulous choice.

This paper mache house is a box- the roof is removable. I left the roof in place to paint it. The inside will not be seen, just coat the exterior. Allow the paint to dry.

Starting with the cord in the back of the house, begin attaching the strand of Halloween lights to the roof line, underneath the eaves, securing as you go with hot glue.

When the hot glue is dry, remove the roof and set it aside.

Trim your vellum paper to fit the inside of the house on all four sides. I used a yellow piece of vellum I had in my stash. You could easily color a piece of white vellum yellow- or a spooky gray color. You could probably even add some torn pieces to look like cracked and broken windows. I took the easy route.

Run hot glue around the perimeter of each wall of the house, and across a few of the windows to secure the vellum.

Now you can have fun adding decoration to your house. There are plenty of adorable dollhouse miniatures to choose from.

I added this cute black cat, and this mini Jack-O-Lantern.

I added some die cut bats springing out of the chimney! They would also be cute coming from the windows too.

Using a die, electronic cutting machine, or template, make several bat shapes from black cardstock.

DIY-haunted-house-craft-tutorial-Crafts-Unleashed-7aTwist graduating sections of thin black craft wire around a pencil to create springs.

Secure a bat shape to the end of a spring using hot glue.

Adhere the opposite end of the “spring” to the back side of the chimney on the DIY haunted house.

Keep gluing the “springs” until you like the arrangement of your bats.

I covered the final glue mess on the back of the chimney with a scrap of black cardstock.

You can pull on some of the “springs” to make them longer, and bend them any way you like.

To illuminate the DIY haunted house, I chose to use battery powered votive LED candles. They are a safe option for this project, and they make them with long battery life now.

Drop the candle down inside the house. You can use multiple candles, depending on how bright you want your DIY haunted house to light up.

Replace the roof, and plug your roof light strand in!

You can add whatever you like to this DIY haunted house project, like I said, I kept it simple- but this is certainly a starting point for anyone to really get creative.

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