Easy DIY Paper Mache Cake Box.

I am old enough to remember when gift bags came into “style” for gift giving. Prior to that, everything was wrapped! I was so excited to have an alternative to the tedious chore of gift wrapping – I am not one of those people who enjoy it. I was inspired by my niece’s recent SMASH cake. The smaller cake is a perfect size for a one year old, but more than that- it makes for adorable birthday photos. Today’s project is a darling gift box DIY that is sure to a big hit next time you present a gift!

Apparently there are some people in the world who don’t like cakes. Far be it from me to judge how you get down with your dessert preferences, but I just can’t understand how you don’t love spongy layer of sweetness and alternating bits of filling all topped off with a generous slathering of sugar paste…also known as frosting. I just don’t get it. Today’s DIY Paper Mache Cake Box should appeal to cake lovers and cake haters alike. You don’t eat it, you craft it and then you gift it. And then you sit back and wait for the “OMG, you made that!?” comments to come pouring in. So without any further delay, let’s make a cake.

Supplies needed to make your own gift box DIY cake

Lime Green Striped Paper Straws
3 inch Round Paper Mache Box with Embossed Design
Colored Tissue Paper (Hot Pink, Yellow)
White Craft Paint
Heavy Duty Professional Craft Glue Gun


Paint your paper mache box. This may take a couple of coats. I chose white paint. The great thing about this paper mache box- is that it comes embossed. It already looks like an icing-piped cake!
Make sure you get a good coat on the bottom of the box, it will become the top.
You may notice some inconstant seams on your box. This is okay. We will be covering this part.

Accordion fold a piece of hot pink tissue paper. You will want about 5 folds, measuring about 1/2″ wide.
Cut along the folded paper- leaving it in one piece.
Cut fringe along one full edge of the folded paper. Take care not to cut all the way through the fold.

Using a hot glue gun, and working in small sections, adhere the fringed tissue paper to the bottom (lid) of the box. Be careful. The tissue paper is thin, and the hot glue will go through all of the layers of paper.

Repeat for the top edge of the box (which is actually the box bottom).
Slightly “crumple” the tissue paper to fill it out.
Cut a paper straw into “candle” lengths.
Trim yellow tissue paper into 3″x 3″ squares.

Pinch the tissue paper square in the center and fold it inward.
Add a small amount of hot glue to the pinched end and insert it into the cut straw piece.
Using scissors trim the tissue paper into a “flame” shape.

Repeat for all of your “candles.”
Adhere the “candles” to the cake gift box diy using hot glue.
Insert your chosen gift like these mini shadow box fridge magnets, and add a small tag or card!

This would also be a cute centerpiece!

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